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Thursday, 2024.04.18

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Identification

We identify people who can negatively or positively impact the project. This includes the Project Sponsor, Project Team and clients. Stakeholder identification is the first step to a successful project. Not only for complex high-risk projects but for all projects.

The most important stakeholder is the one you`ve forgot.

Meeting expectations and the clear defintion of stakeholder needs are the key factors to secure project success.

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis involves understanding stakeholder concerns and expectations and ranking these relative to the project objectives. We use interviewing techniques to gain a complete picture of individual stakeholder interests. During this process we will identify project champions, a key component to any project.

Communication Planning

The creation of a communications plan further assists in the vital process of stakeholder management and securing buy-in. We can both create the communications plan and implement it through the use of interviews, status reporting and documentation.

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